People will say Thanksgiving is greatest holiday of the year, but everybody won’t have the same reason. Some people will cite family, friends and good spirits. Others like it because its one time of the year you can eat like you have no sense and nobody will judge you. there will argue that Thanksgiving is nothing more that the celebration of the the Pilgrims eradicating a whole demographic of people and using stolen land as their own but thats another conversation for another day. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because it brings a sense or warmth and community our society seems to be missing. With everything going on in the world today, with all of the uncertainties and unparalleled stresses, its nice to still be able to gather amongst those you love and eat good while doing so.

Thanksgiving is the “Ham vs. Turkey” debate, its the family football game in the backyard before dinner, it’s the time where all you relatives cant ask you “How’s college” 100x without contributing anything to your bank account. It’s the time of year where you find why grandma has been “dreaming about fish and which cousin is bring somebody new home…again. It’s the reason why college students are stocking up on aluminum foil and to-go plates, it’s the reason why your pants don’t fit ass well as they did on Halloween. Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for who and what you have. It’s a time to rejoice and be proud of your family ties, it’s a time to argue that your momma makes the best macaroni on the block and anybody who disagrees can meet you outside. Black families get together and share stories of happiness, sadness, trials, tribulations and triumph. It’s a true testament to community and fellowship, the source of some of the greatest stories that have ever come from your family. Thanksgiving is the reason for the season before the season really even starts. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday solely because it give me purpose, it makes me feel like I have somewhere I belong. I hope your Thanksgiving is a blessing because this world needs blessings.


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