Watch Your Step

Trayvon Martin was a touchy subject from the beginning. The age old standoff between young black males and “authority” figures was brought to light, along with a media circus intent on demonizing another black “thug”. I took the case personally because I know the feeling of being in standoff with authority all too well. It was disheartening that even in this day and age, black males have to toe the line and tread lightly in order not to be considered a threat. It was ridiculous that articles of clothing like hoodies and jeans served as a barrier between living and dying. It was even more ludicrous that adults were actually telling us that we were wrong for dressing the way we wanted to dress because it scared people. Being told that I was “asking for trouble” for wearing a hoodies told me all I needed to know about most of the adults I was around. To me, being told I couldn’t wear a hoodies sounded a lot like: “Let’s not deal with the actual issue of black men being hunted down like dogs in the street. No, instead let’s take a bunch of young black males to a seminar about pulling up their pants and not wearing Nike hoodies on Saturday evening. That’ll teach white folks that we mean business.” In all honesty, it doesn’t matter what we wear, how we talk or what it is we want to do in life; people who REALLY hate black males will treat us like trash regardless of external appearance. The arguments about dressing like thugs became old and redundant, mostly because people weren’t thinking logically. How can you sit in my face and tell me I’m asking to get profiled for wearing baggy gym shorts to the store when people in the Civil Rights Movement were beaten to a pulp while wearing their Sunday’s best? It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing sweats or a three piece suit, they’ll treat you like a nigga if they see fit.


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