Trump Card

So I decided to give it a week before I spoke on the election. After watching just about every news station my TV would allow and talking to just about anybody with a pulse, I finally have enough ammo to some of these thoughts on paper. It’s pretty obvious that the entire country has lost what little piece of mind they have and nobody seems to be safe from the type of stupidity that has been running rampant. I said months ago that if Donald Trump was elected, he would unlock and unleash the first in people. His campaign opened Pandora’s Box in terms of visceral and overt racism, sexism and xenophobia. His supporters demonstrate the worst in America, displaying the type of hatred and intolerance naive people will tell you died in the 60’s. As a black male, in is almost imperative that I speak my mind as it pertains to how I REALLY feel. I honestly feel like ONCE again, this country has robbed people of the right to feel safe and secure in their skin, I HONESTLY believe that no mater how you shape it, the lack of respect this country has for minorities and people of color. The sheer fact this country would rather have an inexperienced idiot in the Oval Office over a woman with 30+ years of political experience is baffling to me. Your political party affiliation isn’t any of my business because I feel like common sense “trumps” color and party allegiance. Whether or not you think Hillary Clinton is a crook pales in comparison to supporting a vocal and outspoken xenophobe and anybody who disagrees is somebody I probably wouldn’t be seen talking to in public anyway. You can make yourself feel better by blaming black people for not voting, young people for not voting, young people for wasting their vote with frivolous write ins or whatever scapegoat you feel will serve your mental health the best. The bottom line is, the election was indicative of EVERYTHING black folks and other minors have been saying forever: “This country wasn’t built for us”


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