The Intro About Nothing

Growing up as a young, black male in this country is an experience. Even as child, the reminders I received about society and their opinion of my existence were indicators that I even 150+ year past slavery and 50+ years past the Civil Rights movement, the place of the black man in this country is still limited to the stereotypes and misconceptions held by those in position of power. I grew up in a two parent household, both parents college educated and dedicated to bettering the lives me and my younger brother Matthew. I grew up conscious of my history and the role of the black man in society. I also grew up struggling with some of the vices that plague the black community, most specifically black boys. I had to learn how to “play the game” as my father would say. I had to learn that everything I did would under a microscope and any minor incidents would be magnified because again…black male. Even at age 21, I still have a lot to learn about life. However, in my short 21 years on this Earth, Ive managed to receive some gems that I feel would be beneficial to improving the social lives of my black male peers. Being black is a beautiful experience, yet I feel as though sometimes we aren’t allowed too many safe spaces for our expression. Black boys in this country have also been limited in their expression, be it because of fear, ostracizing or just sheer disregard for black expression at the hands of the powers that be. I started this blog as a class assignment, but also as a means for those who wish to understand the plight of the black male in society. We need our voices to be heard, we also the need some of the issues that plague us as men to be addressed


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